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Med Air Solutions Rx400 Air Purifier


Model: Rx400 Power Usage: 93 watts Electrical: 120V/60Hz/1.6A Unit Size: 32″ X 12.5″ X 9.5″ Weight: 18 lbs. Room Size: Up to 1000 sq. ft. Certifications: ETL listed   Additional Information:
  • Effective in killing viruses, bacteria, superbugs, MRSA, and other airborne contaminants and allergens such as dust and animal dander
  • Virtually maintenance-free, filter-less technology covers spaces up to 1000 sq. ft, several times the coverage of many competing products
  • No costs or risks associated with handling or discarding of contaminated or infectious filters
  • Unit effectiveness stays constant, while most HEPA filter units lose effectiveness daily, and can cause sickness if not changed at regular intervals
  • Clinical studies have shown direct health links with Indoor Air Pollution and sleep problems, respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies, along with increased risks of stroke, diabetes and cancer
  How You Use It:
  • Complements any decor with its sleek, refined design. Its compact footprint takes up little space.
  • Plug it in, turn it on and it goes to work. No special wiring needed.
  • Cartridge replacement is quick and easy and is usually required only once a year based on use.
  • Medical/Institutional — Hospital, Senior/Assisted Living Centers, Physician and Dental Offices, Urgent Care Clinics, Day Care Centers
  • Workplace — Offices, Meeting rooms, Call Centers, Cafeterias, Hair/Nail Salons, Schools/Nurses Station, Funeral Homes and Animal Kennels
  • Hospitality — Hotel Rooms, Conference Centers, Fitness Centers, Locker Rooms, Airport Lounges and Quarantine Areas, Children’s Play Spaces, Places of Worship and Nurseries
  • Living Spaces — Homes, Apartments, Condominiums, Common Areas, Amenity Spaces